I’m Abdul Quadir

A Storage QA Engineer

I’m a Storage QA / Automation Engineer based in India. I have a passion for Storage Software Testing and it’s automation and love to deal with multiple Operating Systems and Enterprise Applications.


———-     What I can do     ———-

———-     Automate What You Want   ———-

I can automate a Web Application using Selenium WebDriver, A Linux Application using Perl and Shell Scripting and A Windows-based application using C# and PowerShell.

———-    Certify Application You Want   ———-

I love to deal with Complex Enterprise, Storage, Virtualization, Databases and Backup Restore Applications. I can assure quality of Any Windows Based, Linux Based, Web Based, Mobile Based Application.

———-    Help you with following   ———-

Storage, Virtualization, Networking, Software Testing, Manual and Automation Testing, Estimations and Test Planning, Windows Advanced Administration, Linux Advanced Administration, NetApp Data Ontap Administration, Oracle Databases Installation, Configuration and Administration, Encryption, Data Loss Prevention and Disaster Recovery.


—–    Here’s what I’ve done so far     —–


Pune, India

Senior Software QA Engineer, Since 2015

Contributing to Backup, Restore, replication and disaster recovery solution for Oracle Database and SAP Databases. Gained expertise in DAS, NAS and SAN storage technologies. Contributing to product development, certification and automation.


Pune, India

Senior Software QA Engineer, 2015

Being a Software QA  I contributed to Virtualization vertical for AFourTech. Contributed in Backup, Restore and Replication solution for Virtual Machines. Virtualization and hypervisors from Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware. Contributed in Functional, Non-functional, Interoperability and Security testing of the above solutions.


Bangalore, India

Senior Software QA Engineer, 2014

Being a Software QA  I contributed to Product Engineering Service vertical for Mindtree Ltd. Contributed to the implementation of multiple Backup, Restore, Replication, Encryption and Data Loss Preventions solutions. Learned a lot about Microsoft Windows and Unix Based Operating Systems, Virtualization. Contributed in Functional, Non-functional, Interoperability and Security testing of the above solutions.


Class of 2011

Indore, India

I lived the tag-line of VITS my college. Four years of my engineering days were the most transforming days for me. I learned Electronics, Software Engineering, Communication Engineering and soft skills.

rockwood H.S. school

Class of 2007

Indore, India

I’m grateful for all the years I spent at Rock Wood. Rock Wood was where I learned how to articulate my ideas, etiquettes, fell in love with learning, participated in events to learning team-bonding.

How Can You Connect with Me?

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