How to remount an unmounted ASM Diskgroup?

If you a create ASM disk-group over SAN or NAS storage and that ASM disk-group disappears, then follow below steps to get those DG's remounted. login as: root's password: [root@myasm-12cr2-node1 ~]# oracleasm listdisks ASM LUN1 LUN2 LUN3 LUN4 LUN5 LUN6 LUN7 LUN8 [root@myasm-12cr2-node1 ~]# oracleasm scandisks Reloading disk partitions: done Cleaning any stale ASM… Continue reading How to remount an unmounted ASM Diskgroup?

Introduction to Storage Technologies; Part-1

Overview:- I am going to write a series of Blogs on Storage Technologies. This is going to be the introduction to Disk-Level Storage and Storage technologies and its terminology. We will be discussing basic disk and storage architectures as well as storage protocols and common fault tolerance technologies. Let's get started with Part-1 i.e., DISKS.… Continue reading Introduction to Storage Technologies; Part-1